BBR-signLet’s face it. Recycling is a dirty business. At least physically. It comes at the end of usefulness of most things, when they are broken, soiled, forgotten. They end up in scrap heaps and landfills, cluttering our landscapes and gathering even more dirt.

It isn’t until somebody pulls them out and strips them apart that new value can be found in the pieces and parts. But getting there… well, it’s just plain dirty. And although we’ve been told our facility is cleaner than most, there’s no getting around a bit of mess.

screen-doorBut it can be a dirty business in other ways too. Unfortunately, scrap yards don’t have the best reputation when it comes to treating customers with kindness and dignity.

We hope you find Bay Beach Recycling a little different. We not only find hidden value in many of the things the world discards, we simply find value in people.

Visit our Services page, call (920) 371-1593 or stop in to see if we can accept your item. And enjoy a positively different kind of experience.